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As part of the Danish underground art scene I learned about (self) organising, networking and taking care of volunteers when I was quite young. We turned low-budget and no-budget projects from big dreams into reality.

Trained as a Kaospilot (Project Management, Leadership and Entrepreneurship education in Aarhus, Denmark) I stepped out into the world of project management in 1996. In 1997 I became an independent consultant, focussing on group processes, World Café and Open Space being my favourite methods and technologies.

From 2005 my interest in systemic theory grew, and I tried to figure out how a system (a team or an organisation) self-organises and reacts to or thrives on interference.  I then entered the solution focused world to discover simple, fast acting approaches to complex challenges.

So I have come full circle: as in the old days I am again supporting and nurturing people’s keenest dreams and hopes.


Born 1966 on the island Langeland in Denmark
Lives in Denmark | Copenhagen and Switzerland | Lenzburg


Working language

English – professional
German – professional
Danish – mother tongue

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The trainer & coach

  • Solutionsurfers Denmark, offering coaching, team coaching and providing solution focused training in Danish, English and German. Member of the Solutionsurfers Faculty.
  • Edgeware Creative Entrepreneurship Europe, offering workshops and webinars for start-ups and SME.  From the platform Make money. Have fun. Change the world. I help entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs finding their passion, common business sense and the difference that makes a difference.


The consultant

Offering services such as large group facilitation (read on this site), accompanying projects as coach, facilitator, supervisor.


The writer

  • Various blogs and contributions to journals and books. Look under READ for links.
  • On I collect my blog post from other web-sites.
  • On you will find my writings focused on large group facilitation.


Organiser, volunteer and community builder

  • Organising the annual fremtiden:live, a Danish Solution-Focused Conference.
  • Board member of ICF Denmark.
  •  Member of steering group and administrator of the community web-site and mailing list for SOLWorld – (Solutions in Organisations Link-up).
  • Member of SFiO – Solution Focus in Organisations


Training & certifications

Professional Certified Coach, International Coach Federation, 2014

Solution-focused Brief-Mediation, Marco Ronzani, Schweiz 2012

Play as coaching method, Hans Fluri, Akademie für Spiel und Kommunikation, Switzerland 2011

Brief Coach Trainers Training, Solutionsurfers, Schweiz 2009-2010

Brief Coaching, Solutionsurfers, Switzerland 2008

Systemic Consultant (Inpraxis, Denmark) 

 (Denmark) 1993-1996


Courses, workshops & conferences

Create Team Impetus; Engage Teams and Shape Strategy, John Brooker, 2014

Being at your best – microdescription and other secrets of brief coaching, Chris Iveson, 2014

Accelerated Learning, Mark McKergow, sfwork 2013

The language in the solution focused work, Harry Korman, SIKT 2013

Coaching and Leadership, Haesun Moon 2013

SOLWorld conferences

solworldDACH conferences


Workshops amongst others
Peter Szabó, Katalin Hankovszky, Paul Z Jackson, Thiagi, Roger Greenaway, Andrew Turnell, Maggie Carey, David Epston, John Winslade, Michael White, Björn Johansson, Michael Hjerth

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