Jesper H Christiansen

Coach · Facilitator · Instructor

Working with individuals, teams and organisations


Focus on where you want to go, instead
of what you want to get away from.

My Story

As part of the Danish underground art scene, I learned about (self) organising, networking and taking care of volunteers when I was young. We turned low-budget and no-budget projects from big dreams into reality.

Trained as a Kaospilot (Creative Leadership and Entrepreneurship education in Aarhus, Denmark), I stepped out into the world of project management in 1996. In 1997, I became an independent consultant, focussing on group processes, World Café and Open Space being my favourite methods and technologies.

From 2005 my interest in systemic theory grew, and I tried to figure out how a system (a team or an organisation) self-organises and reacts to or thrives on interference. I then entered the solution-focused world to discover a simple, fast-acting approach to complex challenges.

So, I have come full circle: as in the old days, I am supporting and nurturing people’s keenest dreams and hopes.

Some Facts


  • Born in 1966 on the island of Langeland in Denmark
  • I work mainly in person in Denmark and Switzerland but also around Europe
  • Since COVID-19, my online work has increased and stayed that way. It means that I now have clients from all over the world


English – professional
German – professional
Danish – mother tongue

Organiser, Voulenteer and Community Builder

  • Organising the annual fremtiden:live, a Danish Solution-Focused Conference
  • Member of the steering group and administrator of  the community website & mailing list for SOLWorld – (Solutions in Organisations Link-up)
  • Previous board member of ICF Denmark Charter Chapter

Certifications and Credentials

My Approach

Since I discovered the Solution Focused approach in 2005, it has become my core competence when I coach, facilitate, teach and supervise.

Whether doing 1:1 coaching, working with a team, doing supervision or facilitating large group processes, I am using this resource-oriented approach.

The video below gives an excellent short intro to the thinking behinde Solution Focused Coaching.

(Thank you Olympia Mitsopoulou!)


Listen To Jesper

From the Simply Life podcast with Elfie Czerny & Dominik Godat, episode 82.
About using solution focus everywhere.


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