Masterclass large group facilitation exercises

At the SOLWorld 2014 conference in Stockholm I was invited to do a masterclass on large groups facilitation. I’ve choose focus on the interaction between participants by using games and exercises. Something I very often experience that this is not taken seriously (enough).

Download inspiration paper (PDF).



This is a business card size reflection card with short explanations of various contexts where it can be helpful. It originates from the swedish psychologist  Michael Hjerths PLUS-model.

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Minute Dice

– You have a question – the dice asks back!

It probably happens in your busy days that you need a time-out. Just a few minutes break to think and reflect. Often that can happen over a cup of coffee with a good colleague but either you work alone or your colleague is just as busy as you are. Or maybe it’s too difficult to phrase your thoughts clearly in that specific moment.

Go to the Minute Dice website.

Looking for the Minute Dice in your own language? Let me know if you need a specific language.


“Integrity” – an exercise

“Integrity” – an exercise




Any more than two
thats already a group

Team & Organisation