Two teams into one

Published by Solution Focus in Organisations and introduced by Annie Bordeleau.

“Clients asked Jesper H Christiansen to merge two teams in deep conflict with each other. The management had concluded that due to the team’s overlapping activities, it was essential they work together, once and for all. The management had tried this in the past, without success. The teams had many negative experiences, and there were hurt feelings and mutual mistrust. How did Jesper approach this challenge with his SF lens?

I had the privilege to attend this session at the SOL 2021 conference. I learned a lot about how to navigate the energy in teams skilfully and channel it masterfully into deeper collaboration.
In this video, Jesper shares his reflections on the whole process and his unique approach and use of SF experiments.”

Dialogic Orientation Quadrant + teamcase

This recording is in Danish

Du får en introduktion til canadiske Haesun Moon’s DOQ matrix, som bruges til at illustrere, hvordan en samtale bevæger sig rund i forskellige perspektiver. Den er oprindeligt udviklet til brug i undervisning af den løsningsfokuserede tilgang, men Jesper vil præsentere en konkret case, hvor han har brugt den som ramme i arbejdet med et konfliktfyldt team.



SFP 82 – SOS: Using Solution Focus Everywhere (external link)

Interview by

Simply Focus Podcast – Episode #82.

I was interviewed by Elfie Czerny & Dominik Godat on what fascinates me with the solutions-focused approach. In this informal talk, we get around a lot of things. Luckily Elfie and Dominik are good at keeping track, and on their page, you will find some resources we were referring to.




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