Focus on where you want to go,
instead of what you want to leave.


Uncertainty, frustration, not feeling you belong – in every phase of the process there are fears and apprehensions that block the group’s energy and impede its forward momentum.

It can happen to anybody, any time. Jesper establishes the „Appreciative Room“ (both literally and figuratively) where people can voice and take care of these pressures. This process is a powerful and well-tested way for worried participants to reconnect to their own and the group’s resources.

Jesper helps participants to glimpse the „The Perfect Future“, revealing a world where the current challenge has been overcome, the task has been fulfilled. They can travel to this world, tour it, – exploring the positive consequences, and enjoy the achievement – even if they are in a workshop with 499 other people.

After such kind of journey, the group can define their next steps, often very simple strategies from concrete everyday situations.

These principles are just as true for solutions-focussed coaching. Jesper can also support you through your individual challenges in 1:1 coaching.


Your strengths and resources are world champions in hiding. During the group process with Jesper, you can shine light on them, to get them working for you and every member of your team.

How to do this?

You can focus on what worked in the past and what is still working. – And let the group listen to you and support you listening to others.

Conflict is draining and distracting, whereas different perspectives generate energy. Jesper helps groups to discover different points of view and develop new habits, in a spirit of playfulness and exploration that enables groups to resolve challenges in unexpected ways.