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I just HATE compliments!


Coaching as micro interventions

Resistance! Resistance?


Solution Focused Future Forum

Late in 2013, two good colleagues (Kati Hankovszky and Urs Limacher-Koechlin) and I had the unique opportunity of planning an event together. Unique because it created the opportunity for a team of practitioners, not just a solo agent, to reflect on the SF methodology we use in our work and particu- larly how the briefness in this methodology really stands out as a unique sign of quality.

This case was first brought in the journal interAction in spring 2014.

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From Frustration to Cooperation – a case study

From the book: Brief and Simple: Solution Focus in Organizations


To respond to the needs of the local community, a municipality needed to renew one of its libraries and build a new sports centre. The solution was a very innovative hybrid between a library, sports centre and auditorium. It served the citizens, the primary school next door and the local high school too.

Measured by how many local citizens were using the facilities, there is no doubt the opening was a huge success, but this success created some challenges for the librarians and the caretakers of the building. The unexpectedly large number of users called for good, effective infrastructure to handle the daily routines of managing the building and the library.

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Can you dance your name?

– teachers, teaching and learning environments
An inspirational reflection on teaching and learning environment. Beware! There are questions in there waiting for you.

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Games in meetings

– Fun, Focus and Involvement
A short two page inspirational paper with three suggestions on what to do when a meeting is sliding into the oblivion of passivity…

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Any more than two
thats already a group

Team & Organisation