Team & Organisation

Departments, teams, clubs, organisations, administrations, multidisciplinary projects … – wherever more than two people have to work together to achieve a goal, they need a shared foundation. A group can only self organise if it balances the common goals with individual strengths, resources, needs, and wishes.

Question: What would make you truly excited at the prospect
of coming into the office at four o’ clock in the morning?

In a group process with Jesper, each person digs up their own treasure of strengths and resources so that they can change what they want to change. Jesper enables the participants to reflect upon their roles in the group.

In all processes of change fears and concerns also have their place, and if listenned to with respect can become a catalyst for increased motivation and commitment.

– And as this video shows in a similar context a good team is not about being traditional treated e.g. being rewarded for succes with money but having freedom to influence directions and goals.