A small surprise for the participants
– a big discovery for the team

The WildCard* is the group’s mystery ingredient that will emerge during the workshop. It will link what has happened in the workshop to everyday life and will help keep resources alive (and kicking healthily).

Back in the workplace, as you perform your daily routines, you will experience a sense of delight as you re-discover what works. What you and your team learned during the group process will come alive. So you keep up the energy level for your project and can revitalize it whenever necessary.

And what might a WildCard* look like?
Maybe a postcard from the future…. a video of your biggest success…
a magnifying glass… a cooking recipe… a map of a new world…


The WildCard* is a speciality of Jesper’s group processes – born out of careful observation of what is effective, developed in co-operation with high performance teams or strong intuition.

How and how strongly WildCards* will boost the value of your change process cannot be foreseen, since every process is unique – as are the people within the process.