Jesper H Christiansen

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Working with individuals, teams and organisations


Focus on where you want to go, instead
of what you want to get away from.


I’m Jesper, and I specialise in the solution-focused approach. It’s an approach I apply in all my work, from supervision, coaching and team coaching to large group interventions and process facilitation to teaching and training.

As a Solutionsurfers faculty member, I train people in Solution-Focused Brief Coaching and other conversational areas. If you’re up for it, try out my free coaching app, Minute Dice.

As a partner in Edgeware Creative Entrepreneurship, I assist start-ups and SMEs by clarifying their key products, passion, and ethics.

My work primarily takes place in Switzerland, Denmark, and other European countries. I am based in Lenzburg, Switzerland, and Copenhagen, Denmark.


SF What?

One of the main principles of the solution-focused approach (SFA) is to utilise what is already present, uncover people’s strengths and help them find ways to apply them to their specific situations.

Within SFA, I use tools designed to bring forth knowledge, resources, skills and concrete ideas to help my clients improve their work lives and create meaningful and lasting change.

The solution-focused approach has its roots in the therapeutic world, with Steve de Shazer and Insoo Kim Berg being the most well-known pioneers. In their search for a more effective way to achieve progress with their clients, they experimented with different types of questions, leading to the development of what they chose to call Solution-Focused Brief Therapy.

As the evidence base for the solution-focused method grew, so did the application of the approach. In the early 1990s, it found its way into the world of coaching and organisational development. 

The solution-focused approach is particularly relevant in today’s complex, ambiguous and uncertain world.

We live in a fast-changing, problem-filled world, and we only sometimes have time to get caught up in these problems or difficulties. We need an agile, fast and efficient process to help us progress in our desired direction.


Some Facts About Me


  • Born in 1966 on the island of Langeland in Denmark
  • I work mainly in person in Denmark and Switzerland but also around Europe
  • Since COVID-19, my online work has increased and stayed that way. It means that I now have clients from all over the world


English – professional
German – professional
Danish – mother tongue

Organiser, Voulenteer and Community Builder

  • Member of the steering group and administrator of  the community website & mailing list for SOLWorld – (Solutions in Organisations Link-up)
  • Co-organising the SF24 Conference
  • Previously board member of ICF Denmark Charter Chapter
  • Previously organising the annual fremtiden:live (“future:live”), a Danish Solution-Focused Conference

Certifications and Credentials

My Coaching Approach

This video gives an excellent short intro to the thinking behind Solution Focused Coaching.

(Thank you, Olympia Mitsopoulou!)


Listen To Jesper

From the Simply Life podcast with Elfie Czerny & Dominik Godat, episode 82.
About using solution focus everywhere.


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